New Releases

Pictures of the Old World
(Obrazy starého sveta)

A film by Dušan Hanák
Czechoslovakia, 1972

"One of the greatest works of documentary cinema" Peter Hames

Dušan Hanák's renowned film was voted by critics as the best Slovak film of all time. Inspired by the photographs of Slovak artist Martin Martinček whose pictures distilled entire lifetimes into luminous and intransient images, Hanák created his own distinctive impressions of the artist's work in reflecting a myriad of human stories.

The DVD is presented from a superb new HD digital restoration of the film, and also includes Hanák's acclaimed short films Old Shatterhand Came to Us (Prisiel k nám Old Shatterhand, 1966) and Mass (Omša, 1967).

Release Date: February 2015

A film by Yorgos Lanthimos
Greece, 2005

"Unique and defies genre categorization... The film is, by turns, harsh, mysterious, obscure, striking, involving and compellingly driven" Toronto Film Festival Daily

Available for the first time anywhere on home video, this darkly comic and compellingly hypnotic film is the extraordinary debut feature of Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth, Alps and the forthcoming The Lobster), one of Greek cinema's most acclaimed new directors.

In the drab off-season resort town of Kinetta, Lanthimos studies the cryptic activities of an inscrutable trio (a policeman, a photographer, and a hotel maid) who barely speak and who pass the time by staging re-enactments of murders.

The DVD is presented from a new director-approved HD digital transfer, and also features an exclusive new interview with director Yorgos Lanthimos filmed at Tate Modern, London.

Release Date: January 2015

New Releases

A Jester's Tale
(Bláznova kronika)

A film by Karel Zeman
Czechoslovakia, 1964

"Zeman's films are unique glimpses into forgotten worlds of myth, invention and exploration. One almost needs a telescope to view them" Peter Strickland

Visionary Czech filmmaker Karel Zeman is recognised as one of the great masters of 20th Century fantasy cinema for his innovative combination of live-action and animation, along with the use of ingenious special effects. Often described as the 'Czech Méliès', his work has been a profound influence on generations of filmmakers from Jan Švankmajer to Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam to the Quay Brothers and Wes Anderson.

Co-scripted by Pavel Jurácek (Ikarie XB 1, Daisies), this startlingly inventive film emerges as a sharp satire on war, human nature and of the way we perceive history itself.

The DVD is presented in a new anamorphic digital
transfer, and features a new essay on the film by writer
Ian Haydn Smith.

Release Date: September 2014

Sofia's Last Ambulance
(Poslednata lineika na Sofia)

A film by Ilian Metev
Bulgaria, 2012

"Imagine Fredrick Wiseman directing The
Death of Mr. Lazarescu"
Anthony Kaufman, Sundance Now

Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, has more than a million inhabitants but only 13 ambulances... Ilian Metev's gritty, multi-award-winning documentary follows two medics and their driver as they struggle to cope with the problems of a society on the brink of social and economic collapse.

The DVD is presented in a new anamorphic digital
transfer, and features a Metev's award-winning 2008 short film Goleshovo.

Release Date: October 2014

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