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Dragon's Return
(Drak sa vracia)
A film by Eduard Grečner
Czechoslovakia, 1967


One of the most exciting discoveries in Slovak cinema, Eduard Grečner's Dragon's Return is an elemental ballad of love, hatred, revenge and desire.

A reclusive potter, Martin Lepiš - nicknamed 'Dragon' - returns to his isolated community years after being wrongly accused of a crime, punished and shunned by his village. His return immediately engenders an atmosphere of suspicion, fear, and simmering violence.

Grečner's hauntingly poetic film is also a revealing account of peasant life in a world isolated from history and the mainstream of socio-political events - beautifully realised by Vincent Rosinec’s luminous monochrome cinematography, and enhanced by an award-winning score from Ilja Zeljenka.

The Girl from Hunan Still

"A compelling film, surely as exciting today as it was originally" Senses of Cinema

"A beautifully poetic piece, big on atmosphere and intense psychological reflection… Just as relevant, exciting, and far more emotionally compelling than most of what gets released today. Another truly special film from a truly special time" Bonjour Tristesse

“It lures by its look, enchants by its music, challenges by its defense of the fates of its characters”
Ivan Gerlach, Grečner’s Film Ballad, Ľud



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Horse Money

(Cavalo Dinheiro)
A film by Pedro Costa
Portugal, 2014




Horse Money is the stunning new film from award-winning director Pedro Costa.

The film follows Ventura - the enigmatic lead of Costa's earlier groundbreaking film Colossal Youth (2006) - as he traverses a seemingly endless night populated by the ghosts of his, and his country's, past. From the restless spirits that haunt this decaying urban landscape, Costa conjures a spellbinding and unclassifiable cinematic experience.

Winner of the Best Director prize at the 2014 Locarno Film Festival, and already featured in many worldwide critics' Top 10 Films of 2014 lists, Horse Money is a hauntingly beautiful contemplation of Portugal's tumultuous past and uncertain future from one of the true poets of contemporary European cinema.

The Girl from Hunan Still

"Costa has again made a singular docu-fiction hybrid that defies classification as readily as it reimagines the possibilities of cinema"
Scott Foundas, Variety

"A phantasmagorical vision... as sinister as anything from David Lynch or Costa's beloved Jacques Tourneur" The Hollywood Reporter

"Horse Money is yet another masterpiece from one of the world's greatest film artists"
Toronto International Film Festival

"A great and piercingly beautiful work of cinema" Film Society of Lincoln Center

"Somewhere between Rembrandt and Eraserhead... as visually alluring as it is psychologically resonant"





Diary for my Children










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