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Story of My Death

(Història de la meva mort)
A film by Albert Serra
Spain, 2013


Award-winning Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra has established himself as one of the most original and iconoclastic voices in contemporary cinema.
His deliciously eccentric 2013 film Story of My Death (winner of the prestigious Golden Leopard prize at the 2013 Locarno Film Festival) imagines a meeting between the ageing Casanova and Count Dracula to chart the collision between the eighteenth century of Enlightenment, rationalism and libertine sensuality and a nineteenth century founded upon Romanticism, obscurantism and violence.

The Girl from Hunan Still

"Story of My Death is a singular work, and its originality is apparent in every frame... This is a film of dazzling vitality and animation"
Village Voice


"Story of My Death is a truly esoteric and unique work, something contemporary, yet totally free of constraints of time and space. The trappings might be historical and mythical, but [Serra's] playground is cinematic language" CinemaScope

"Vivaciously minimalist but visually breathtaking, it's a rarefied cinematic luxury"
Melbourne International Film Festival

Release date: 2015



Diary for my Children


































War and Peace

(Jang aur Aman)
A film by Anand Patwardhan
India, 2002


Filmed over four tumultuous years in India, Pakistan, Japan and the USA following nuclear tests in the Indian sub-continent, War and Peace is a documentary journey of peace activism in the face of global militarism and war. Framed by the murder of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, an act whose portent and poignancy remains undiminished to this day, the film examines the sub-continent's trajectory towards unabashed militarism and the costs being extracted from citizens in the name of national security.

Patwardhan's documentary has become more potent and relevant than ever as we enter an age where war has become perennial, enemies are re-invented and economies inextricably tied to the production and sale of weapons. In the moral wastelands of the world, memories of Gandhi and a message of peace seem like a mirage that never was.

The Girl from Hunan Still

"It should be seen by everyone, everywhere. In schools, in colleges, in factories, on television" The Times of India


"A tour de force... beautifully, darkly funny"

The Guardian


"It has a riveting intelligence all its own and earns its epic title" The New York Times


"Of immense interest and importance" Variety


Release date: 2015



Diary for my Children










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