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Someday My Prince Will Come /

Philip and His Seven Wives
Two films by Marc Isaacs

UK, 2005 / 2006



Our third volume of films by the renowned British documentary filmmaker Marc Isaacs brings together two films chronicling very different perspectives on the nature of love, respect and devotion. With these films Isaacs continues to seek out places where a complete palette of humanity can be found.


Heartrending and hilarious in ways that only the love life of an 11-year-old can be, Someday My Prince Will Come (2005) is rare in its willingness to accept kids on their own terms. Narrated in rhyming voice-over by its subject, Laura-Anne, as she embarks on a quest to find a 'prince'. Along the way, we're reminded of the tumultuous nature of young love and offered an unvarnished look at the social life of a small British coastal village.

Philip and His Seven Wives (2006), a film made for the BBC’s prestigious Storyville strand, tells the fascinating story of a former Rabbi’s attempt to create a new Godly family.

Believing he communicated directly with God, messianic rabbi Philip Sharpe says he learned he was a former Hebrew King, and as a Jewish patriarch he is entitled to seven wives. Isaacs’s captivating and intimate documentary visits Philip and his wives at their unconventional home in a quiet suburb, where daily life revolves around devotion to the Torah and obedience to the head of the house.

Second Run are delighted to present these two important documentary works on home video for the first time anywhere - and which include all new and exclusive follow-up pieces on both films, plus a brand new filmed interview with filmmaker Marc Isaacs.

The Girl from Hunan Still


“Isaacs has an astounding gift for getting people to open up to him and he uses film the way a skilled artist uses paint. The result is beautiful, heartbreaking and profoundly humane” The Times Online





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