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Stella Cadente
A film by Lluís Miñarro
Spain, 2014



"A free and delirious film that defends the need of joy in life” Lluís Miñarro

Stella Cadente is the fiction-feature debut by renowned Barcelona-based producer Lluís Miñarro, whose credits include several of the most important cinematic works of the current century. These include works by Manoel de Oliveira (The Strange Case of Angelica), Apichatpong Weerasethakul ( Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives), Albert Serra (Birdsong / Honour of the Knights) and Lisandro Alonso (Liverpool).

Stella Cadente (in English ‘Falling Star’), is Lluís Miñarro’s lavish, lascivious story of the doomed Spanish King Amadeo I – and is unlike any cinematic historical portrait before it.

Both historical film and camp melodrama, this richly layered film is suffused with absurdist asides, surreal interludes and sexually explicit reverie. Its bold and beautiful tableaux are filled with casual references to art and literature, colourfully and radiantly filmed by Jimmy Gimferrer (cameraman for fellow Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra, among others). Wonderfully performed, sumptuously designed, sometimes shocking and playfully anarchic, Stella Cadente is one of the most original and transcendent works to emerge in contemporary European cinema.


Second Run's release will also include Lluís Miñarro’s acclaimed feature-length documentary Familystrip (2009).


"Packed with rich visuals, absurdist camp, steamy sensuality and a great pop soundtrack... filled with vibrancy, dazzling surrealism, and a raw sexuality. Miñarro has crafted an outstanding cinematic experience that demands your attention" The People’s Movies





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