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The Shop on the High Street

(Obchod na korze)
A film by Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos
Czechoslovakia, 1965



Winner of the Oscar® for Best Foreign Language Feature in 1965, Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos’ The Shop on the High Street is one of the cornerstones of World Cinema, and perhaps the most internationally renowned film of the Czech New Wave.

Antonín ‘Tóno’ Brtko is a poor carpenter appointed by his Nazi brother-in-law to be 'Aryan controller' of an old Jewish widow’s sewing shop in a Nazi-occupied Slovakian town in 1942. The widow, Rozalie (Yiddish theatre legend Idá Kaminská, nominated here for a Best Actress Oscar® for her performance) is near deaf, isolated and partially sighted. Barely even registering there is a war going on, she fails to fully realize the implications of the context in which she lives. Believing Tóno is simply her new assistant, the two develop a tentative friendship that sees him maintaining that fiction as he attempts to protect her from the encroaching Nazi horror.

Moving effortlessly from drama to humour to tragedy, The Shop on the High Street is a complex political morality tale of common lives disturbed and destroyed by war. A story of loyalty, betrayal, cowardice and heroism, it is a scathing exploration of how minor compromises can lead to complicity in the horrors of a totalitarian regime.

The Girl from Hunan Still

“The most moving film about anti-Semitism ever made” Kenneth Tynan


“A masterpiece, a flawless examination of the toll of indecision and the penalty of passive decency” Eleanor Perry, Life Magazine, February 1966





Diary for my Children









Joshua Oppenheimer
Early Works
A Collection of 12 Films



Joshua Oppenheimer is among the most renowned of all contemporary documentary filmmakers. His multi award-winning films The Act of Killing (2012) and The Look of Silence (2014) have redefined how we perceive documentary. However, his films do not function to simply record or document facts; Oppenheimer’s haunting and surreal films are artistic, playful, philosophical and often confrontational. They present profound and ardent meditations on their concerned subject.

Second Run are delighted to present, for the first time anywhere on home video, the complete cycle of the early works of Joshua Oppenheimer. A compelling body of work from one of contemporary cinemas leading voices.


Contains the films:
- Light Test (1995)
- Camera Test (1995)

- Hugh (1996)
- The Challenge of Manufacturing (1996)
- These Places We've Learned to Call Home (1996)
- The Entire History of the Louisiana Purchase (1997)
- Land of Enchantment (2000)
- The Globalisation Tapes (2002)
- Market Update (2002)
- A Brief History of Paradise as Told by the Cockroaches (2002)
- Muzak: A Tool of Management (2002)
- Postcard from Sun City, Arizona (2003)

The Girl from Hunan Still

"Where journalistic immersion and philosophical brilliance meets humanism, there stands Joshua Oppenheimer with his camera"
Sophie Monks Kaufman, Little White Lies





Diary for my Children









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