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Sofia's Last Ambulance
(Poslednata lineika na Sofia)
A film by Ilian Metev
Bulgaria, 2012


Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, has more than one million inhabitants but only 13 ambulances... Ilian Metev's gritty, multi-award-winning documentary follows two medics and their driver as they struggle to cope with the problems of a society on the brink of social and economic collapse.

Shot in a style that recalls Kiarostami’s 10 with a camera on each of the cockpit’s trio, Metev's film refreshingly lacks any sensationalism, political agenda or contrivances. A fly-on-the-dashboard record, this extraordinary, unsentimental ‘state-of-the-nation’ portrait emerges as a film of universal relevance about a decaying health care system within a society in transition. Filled with humour and camaraderie, it is also a study of three dedicated professionals with a passion for their work and a love of humanity.

The Girl from Hunan Still

"A major discovery... You feel this film in your gut, like a brick through a windshield" IndieWire

Release date: 2014

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A film by Yorgos Lanthimos
Greece, 2005


The debut feature by Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of DOGTOOTH and ALPS.

Kinetta. A deserted Greek resort town, inhabited during the off-season by migrant workers.

In this drab off-season resort town, Lanthimos studies the cryptic activities of an inscrutable trio (a policeman, a photographer, and a hotel maid) who barely speak and who pass the time by staging reenactments of murders.

The Girl from Hunan Still

"Imagine a minimalist anti-CSI with almost no dialogue, an elliptical narrative and the most vertiginous, twitchy handheld camerawork since the Dardenne Brothers' Rosetta and you're in the right ballpark... Lanthimos is a talent to watch" Film Comment

Release date: 2015



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The Girl from Hunan

(Xiangnu xiaoxiao)
A film by Xie Fei
China, 1986


The heartbreaking tale of a young girl sold into an arranged marriage with a 2 year old boy who she must raise as his nanny until he is old enough to marry her. She is expected to honour tradition and to toe the line so far as social proprieties are concerned, but the young girl rebels against the edicts of her elders until at 16, she falls in love with another man...

Though set in turn-of-the-century China, The Girl from Hunan deliberately parallel the state of affairs in the China of the late 1980s.

The Girl from Hunan Still

"Vividly recreates an era long gone, yet somehow still very close"
Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Release date: TBC

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