Mother Joan of the Angels Boxshot
Mother Joan of the Angels
Poland 1961 - 102 minutes
Certificate: PG
Black & White 1.33:1
Language: Polish
Subtitles: Englishbuy
PAL R0 RRP: £12.99
Release Date: 8th August 2005
One of the landmarks of Polish cinema, this film is based on the documented story of the ‘possession’ of a group of nuns that led to the burning of a priest at the stake in Loudun, France in 1634.

Available for the first time ever on DVD, Mother Joan of the Angels is a spare, visually rigorous, and profoundly disturbing exploration of faith, repression, fanaticism, and eros. Anyone who is a fan of classics of the strange will find much to savour in Mother Joan of the Angels.

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Mother Joan of the Angels Stills
Special Features
- Digitally re-mastered with restored image and sound.

- New and improved English subtitle translation.

- Booklet featuring Essay on the film.

Mother Joan of the Angels has been digitally re-mastered and newly-subtitled from the best existing source available to us. But, due to the age and condition of the source master, there remains a steady amount of visual noise that could not be removed without compromising the integrity of the whole film. We believe that this film is, arguably, amongst the finest films of Jerzy Kawalerowicz's long career and should be released and seen.
Main Cast and Crew
Mother Joan - Lucyna Winnicka
Father Suryn - Mieczyslaw Vojt
Sister Malgorzata - Anna Ciepielewska
Antosia - Maria Chwalibóg
The Squire - Stanislaw Jasiukiewicz

Director - Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Screenplay - Tadeusz Konwicki and Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Story - Jaroslawa Jwaszkiewicza
Cinematography - Jerzego Wójcika
Editors - Wieslawa Otocka and Felicja Rogowska
Music - Adam Walacinski
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