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Desire / All My Good Countrymen
Two films by Vojtěch Jasný
Czechoslovakia, 1958/1968


2-disc Blu-ray Special Edition


A Special Edition 2-Disc Blu-ray of films by Vojtěch Jasný, one of Czechoslovak cinema's most renowned and influential film artists.

Set in a small village, Desire poetically intertwines four stories of Czech rural life. A key film in the evolution of Czechoslovak cinema.

Jasný’s autobiographical All My Good Countrymen is one of the wonders of the Czech New Wave.


Second Run present these two essential films by Vojtěch Jasný for the first time anywhere on Blu-ray.



“After long years of deliberate stifling of form, Desire resurrected in Czech cinema the film poetry once upon a time introduced
to it by Rovenský, Frič, Vančura, and Vávra”

Jan Žalman, Films and Filmmakers



Diary for my Children










Larks on a String
(Skrivánci na niti)
A film by Jiří Menzel
Czechoslovakia, 1969


Blu-ray Special Edition



Shot in 1968, but banned by the Czech government until the fall of the Communist regime in 1990, Menzel’s wry comic drama is a hymn to humanity and nonconformity. Unseen for 20 years, the film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 1990 where it was awarded the Golden Bear prize.


Presented from a stunning new 4K restoration by the Czech National Archive, Menzel’s film receives its world premiere release on Blu-ray.




“This brilliantly acted film [is], in equal measures, bittersweet, ironic and yes, darkly comic, but more importantly, quietly disturbing in its bleak portrayal of a dismal socio-political environment and absolutely mesmerizing, absorbing and fulfilling for its viewers” Cinemscope





Diary for my Children









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