Vlacil Boxshot
Hungary, 1964 / 1965 / 1967
Length / Main features: 272 minutes
Length / Special features: 124 minutes
Sound: Original mono (restored) /
Black & White
Original aspect ratios: 2.35:1 / 16.9 anamorphic & 1.78:1 / 16.9 anamorphic
Language: Hungarian
Subtitles: English On/Off
PAL DVD9 x 3
Region 0
RRP: £24.99
buyRelease Date: 21st Nov 2011
Second Run DVD 063
In celebration of Miklós Jancsó's 90th year, Second Run DVD present this special priced 3-disc set comprising three haunting epics from Hungarian cinema's most renowned filmmaker, a profound influence on filmmakers from Sergio Leone to Béla Tarr.
Jancsó is one of cinema's greatest visionaries and this collection brings together three formidable works of art from a master filmmaker at the peak of his powers.

3-Disc Set comprises:
My Way Home (Így jöttem) (1964) In the final days of WW II, a young Hungarian making his way home is captured and left in the custody of a young Russian soldier. The two youths form a friendship in spite of being enemies and unable to speak each other's
language. The Hungarian's attempts to continue his journey homeward provide the framework for this powerful and deeply personal masterpiece from one of cinema's most acclaimed filmmakers.

The Round-Up (Szegénylegények) (1965) On many writers, critics and filmmakers Best Film lists, and widely acknowledged as Jancsó's supreme masterpiece, The Round-Up is set in a detention camp, at a time of guerrilla campaigns against the ruling Austrians in 1869. Jancsó avoids conventional heroics to focus on the persecution and dehumanization manifest in a time of conflict and creates a terrifying picture of war that continues to resonate today.

The Red and the White (Csillagosok, katonák) (1967) Set in 1919 during the brutal Civil War which raged in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, this is a war film unlike any other. Hungarian volunteers supporting the 'Red' revolutionaries fight a war of attrition against the 'White' counter-revolutionaries who are seeking to restore the old Czarist order.
Virtuoso in style and technique, Jancsó invites us to study the mechanisms of conflict and power to produce a unique film portrait of the utter futility of war.

Adelheid Stills

Special Features
• Anamorphic 16.9 enhanced transfers with restored picture and sound.

• Filmed interview with director Miklós Jancsó.

• Two of Jancsó's renowned but rarely-seen documentaries:
Message of Stones (A kövek üzenete) - Máramaros and Budapest.

• New and improved English subtitle translations.

• Booklets featuring an interview with Jancsó by writer and critic Andrew James Horton, an essay by author John
Cunningham and a reprint of Penelope Houston's seminal 1969 Sight & Sound article on Miklós Jancsó.


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"Jancsó occupies a unique place in Hungarian culture. If he hadn't made such films as The Round-Up, My Way Home, The Red and the White, and others, there would have been a void. Just like Bartók in music and Attila József in poetry, Jancsó expressed the spirit of his nation and its historical destiny in cinema" István Szabó

"People need to see Jancsó's really beautiful three or four first movies" Béla Tarr

My Way Home:
“A rare, moving film for everyone” Total Film

"One of the most moving and clear-sighted analyses of male sensibilities and friendship in all cinema" Tony Rayns, Time Out

The Round-Up:
Selected as one of Sight & Sound's 'Best 365 Films of All Time'

“No one has tried quite the same thing in the same way, and that is Jancsó’s most formidable legacy”
Derek Malcolm's 100 Greatest Movies

“...a sublime, provocative, and haunting examination of moral bankruptcy and human cruelty” Strictly Film School

The Red and the White:
“If you've never encountered Jancsó’s work, you shouldn't miss this” Jonathan Rosenbaum

"A tour de force of a very special kind ... an astonishing director"
Derek Malcolm, The Guardian

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