Barking Boxshot
UK, 2007 / 2009
Length /All White in Barking: 72 minutes
Length / Men of the City: 59 minutes
Length / Special feature: 15 minutes
Sound: Original stereo (restored)
Original aspect ratio: 16x9 / 1.78:1
Language: English
Region 0
RRP: £12.99
buyRelease Date: 25th Oct 2010
Second Run DVD 052
Following our release last year of Three Films by Marc Isaacs (comprising Lift, Travellers and Calais: The Last Border) Second Run DVD are delighted to present a further two films from one of the UK's most acclaimed documentary filmmakers.
Considered by many to be the finest UK documentary filmmaker of his generation, Marc Isaacs' respect and empathy for his protagonists is central to the stories he chronicles.

All White in Barking is a compassionate and illuminating documentary probing the attitudes of Barking's white residents toward their new immigrant neighbours. Isaacs is an unseen, but prominent, presence, questioning prejudices and prying at preconceptions with remarkable results to produce a vivid picture of the attitudes and perceptions at the heart of an increasingly multicultural Britain.

In Men of the City, Isaacs takes a more stylised approach to the lives of workers in the City of London during the recent financial meltdown, balancing sensitive portraits of diverse individuals striving to retain their dignity and humanity in the midst of the crisis.

Strong human characters are at the heart of all of Isaacs' work, and with these films he continues to create a unique vision of modern Britain.

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Adelheid Stills

Special Features
• Newly filmed interview with Nick Fraser (Producer and Series Editor, BBC Storyville).

• New digital transfers approved by the director.

• Booklet featuring new essays by writer Noel Megahey.

• Optimal quality dual-layer disc.

• Available for the first time on DVD.


Filmed and directed by Marc Isaacs

All White in Barking
Editor – David Charap
Music – Michel Duvoisin
Producer – Rachel Wexler
Executive Producer for BBC Storyville – Nick Fraser
Associate Producers – Jess O’Keefe, Nadia Von Christierson, Lucy Kaye

Men of the City
Editor – David Charap
Music – Michel Duvoisin
Producer – Rachel Wexler
Producer for BBC – Jo Lapping
Executive Producer for BBC Storyville – Nick Fraser
Associate Producers – Guy Young, Becky Lomax, Nadia Von Christierson


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All White in Barking
“Incisive, surprisingly upbeat ...Isaacs refrains from demonizing anyone here, and instead crafts a communal portrait infused with compassion” Variety

“Highlights the beauty that can come from acceptance while not forgetting how far there is still to go... Highly recommended”  The Observer

Men of the City
“No one has ever made a film about the City that is so singular, so evocative and so human”  The Times

“Isaac’s wry but compassionate eye finds poetry in each of these lives, asking us to ponder who the real winners and losers are. A truly evocative slice of London in all its tawdry yet incorrigibly hopeful glory”    Time Out

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