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France, 2019
Length / Liberté: 138 minutes
Length / Special features: 33 minutes
5.1 DTS-HD master audio / 2.0 Stereo LPCM (48k/24-bit)
Original aspect ratio: 1:85:1
Language: French, German
Subtitles: English

Blu-Ray: BD50 / 1080p
Region ABC (Region Free)
Blu-Ray RRP: £19.99

Release Date: 11 January 2021
Second Run BD036


France 1774. Expelled from the puritanical court of Louis XVI, a group of aristocratic libertines pursue an ideal of enlightenment through the rejection of conventional morality. At a time when hypocrisy and false virtue reign, they seek a place to indulge their quest for pleasure, inhabiting a libidinous twilight world dedicated to realising unfulfilled desires.

Albert Serra’s explicit and opulent exploration of the limits of the erotic imagination is one of the most radical and subversive works of recent times, making Liberté a singular cinematic experience.

Presented in a stunning new director-approved HD-presentation of the complete uncut and uncensored version of the film, our region-free Blu-ray edition also features a new and exclusive filmed interview with Albert Serra, and introduction to the film by Serra - and a 24-page booklet with writing on the film by curator and author Jason Wood, and by film critic Manu Yáñez-Murillo.

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Special Features

• High Definition director-approved presentation of the complete uncut and uncensored version of the film.

• Introduction to the film by its director Albert Serra.

• An exclusive, newly-filmed interview with Albert Serra.

• Original theatrical trailer.

• 24-page booklet featuring a new essay by curator and author Jason Wood, and an interview with Albert Serra by film critic Manu Yáñez-Murillo.

• Original soundtrack 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and 2.0 Stereo LPCM

• World premiere on Blu-ray.

• Region free Blu-ray (A/B/C)

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Directed and written by Albert Serra
Cinematography - Artur Tort
Editors - Ariadna Ribas, Albert Serra, Artur Tort
Sound Design - Jordi Ribas
Costume design - Rosa Tharrats
Music - Marc Verdaguer, Ferran Font

Main Cast
Helmut Berger - Duc de Walchen
Marc Susini - Comte de Tésis
Iliana Zabeth - Mademoiselle de Jensling
Laura Poulvet - Mademoiselle de Geldöbel
Baptiste Pinteaux - Duc de Wand
Théodora Marcadé - Madame de Dumeval
Alexander García Düttmann - Comte Alexis Danshire
Lluís Serrat - Armin


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2019 Cannes Film Festival
Winner: Un Certain Regard - Special Jury Prize

2020 Gaudí Awards / Winner: Best Costume Design;
Winner: Best Make-up and Hairstyles

“A poem to the night.” Albert Serra

“Audaciously perverse and amorphous... Liberté conjures a sustained ambiance and eroticism that’s unique to the language of cinema.” Slant magazine

“An uncompromising howl in the wind against the notions of good taste... This is both Serra’s most uncompromising film and his most enjoyable.” The Film Stage

“Serra's surreal pornographic pileup is a radical statement on sexual freedoms... an outrageous satire of aristocracy that reworks antiquated imagery into something altogether nastier and more immediate.” IndieWire

“Liberté more than lives up to its title, suggesting that a truly free cinema is one that still believes in the possibility of subversion.” Dennis Lim, ArtForum

“An exceptional, completely unique film, though like public orgies, definitely not for everyone. [...] Serra may have ended up making one of the seminal midnight movies.”
David Jenkins, Little White Lies

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