Strip Jack Naked Boxshot
Strip Jack Naked
UK 1991  -  91 minutes
Certificate: 18
Colour 1.33:1
Language: English
PAL R2buy
RRP: £12.99
Release Date: 8th August 2005
Strip Jack Naked is a companion piece to Ron Peck and Paul Hallam’s ground-breaking Nighthawks. It is an autobiographical film that tells not only of the struggle to make Nighthawks but also of the director's life as a gay man growing up in late 20th century Britain. Its unusual honesty marks Strip Jack Naked as not just a lucid account of the responsibilities of a gay filmmaker, but as one of the most honest and abrasive British biographies ever made.

"Strip Jack Naked is one of the best gay films for some time"
- Sight and Sound.

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Strip Jack Naked Stills
Special Features
- 3 newly-commissioned personal films by the makers of Nighthawks and Strip Jack Naked, reflecting their London:

- A short film by Ron Peck and Paul Hallam
"King's Cross" - A short film by Paul Hallam and Kate Boyd
"149" - A home movie by Ron Peck

- New digital transfer with restored image and sound, supervised by the Director.

- Optimal quality dual-layer disc.

Main Cast and Crew
Director - Ron Peck
Screenplay - Ron Peck and Paul Hallam
Camera - Ron Peck and Christopher Hughes
Editors - Ron Peck and Adrian James Carbutt
Music - Adrian James Carbutt
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