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Length / Stella Cadente: 106 minutes
Length / Familystrip: 69 minutes
Sound: Stereo 2.0 / Dolby Digital 5.1
Original aspect ratio (main feature):
1.85:1 / 16:9 anamorphic
Language: Catalan, Spanish
Subtitles: English on / off
Region 0
RRP: £12.99
Release Date: 31 October 2016
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Stella Cadente is the lavish, lascivious tale of the ill-fated Spanish king, Amadeo I. This richly-layered work is alive with surreal interludes, absurdist humour and sexually explicit revels.
With striking performances and sumptuous design, the film’s bold and beautiful tableaux (radiantly filmed by Jimmy Gimferrer, cameraman for fellow Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra among others) serve as a metaphor for the on-going crisis engulfing Europe.

Stella Cadente is the first feature directed by Lluís Miñarro, the renowned Barcelona-based producer whose producing credits include several of the most important cinematic works of the current century, and who has worked with many great filmmakers such as Lisandro Alonso (Liverpool, 2009), Manoel de Oliveira (The Strange Case of Angelica, 2010), Albert Serra (Birdsong, 2006 / Honour of the Knights, 2008) and Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, 2010). Miñarro’s debut proves to be one of the most enjoyable and audacious works in contemporary European cinema.

Second Run present Stella Cadente from a new director-approved digital remaster of the film, and includes Miñarro's acclaimed feature-length documentary film memoir of a declining Spanish generation, Familystrip (2009).

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Special Features

• Presented from a new high-definition digital transfer, approved by the director.

• Familystrip (2009) - Lluís Miñarro’s acclaimed documentary memoir of a Spanish generation on the verge of extinction. Available for the first time on home video in the English-speaking world.

• 16-page booklet featuring a new essay by journalist and programmer Neil Young, and includes an interview with the director.

• New and improved English subtitle translation.

• 5.1 Dolby® Digital Surround audio option.

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Directed and produced by Lluís Miñarro

Screenplay - Sergi Belbel, Lluís Miñarro
Cinematography - Jimmy Gimferrer
Editor - Núria Esquerra
Art director - Sebastián Vogler
Sound - Dani Fontrodona, Alejandro Castillo, Ricard Casals
Costume design - Mercè Paloma

Main Cast
Alex Brendemühl - Amadeo of Savoy
Bárbara Lennie - Queen María Victòria
Lorenzo Balducci - Alfredo, assistant to the King
Lola Dueñas - Eloïsa, the cook
Francesc Garrido - Minister Serrano
Àlex Batllori - young servant
Gonzalo Cunill - Minister Zorrilla
Francesc Orella - The Bishop
Glòria the tortoise - herself





2014 Rotterdam International Film Festival / Official selection

2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival / Official selection

2014 Tirana International Film Festival / Winner:
Best Director, Best Cinematography

2015 Gaudí Awards / Winner:
Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design

"A free and delirious film that defends the need of joy in life.
A game with the viewer in which nothing is what it seems.
An ironic look at the aesthetic values of the 1970's when we were so happy" Lluís Miñarro - Director's statement

"An historical film and a melodramatic love story, a pop comedy and a camp musical, a gay reverie and an ambiguously erotic party. It is also probably one of the most original and perplexing films to emerge recently from Catalonia and Spain. Lluís Miñarro's debut fiction feature changes in tone from scene to scene and the energy that emanates prevents easy classification, constantly moving on, its creativity and eloquence increasig with each scene" IFFR Rotterdam

"Frankly explicit... this austerely elaborate, fancifully speculative confection adults-only material...
a jaunty anything-goes feel to proceedings, allied to a madcap, sometimes berserk sense of humor...irresistibly exquisite"
The Hollywood Reporter

"Miñarro's mischievous period piece is a wryly offbeat drama that explores the opaque crevasse of loneliness and despair in a hallucinatory and unhurried fashion... a surreal labyrinth rich in lurid imagery that's totally disorientating. From a jewel encrusted tortoise crawling into the frame, to the sight of a man engaging in carnal relations with a melon, Miñarro's extravagant tale evolves into a sensory trip back through time that's hard to dislodge from your subconscious" Cine Vue

"A surprise standout at this years' Edinburgh International Film Festival... packed with rich visuals, absurdist camp, steamy sensuality and a great pop soundtrack... A consistently engaging experience filled with vibrancy, dazzling surrealism, and a raw sexuality. Miñarro has crafted an outstanding cinematic experience that demands your attention"
The People's Movies


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