New Releases

Happy End
A film by Oldřich Lipský
Czechoslovakia, 1967

Blu-ray Special Edition

“Like Memento multiplied by ten to the power of infinity and scripted by Spike Milligan.” Wonders in the Dark

Oldřich Lipský's one-of-a-kind Czech black comedy employs an ingenious twist - telling the life story of a condemned murderer entirely in reverse: from his 'birth' at the guillotine, to his departure as an infant. Utilising the techniques of silent cinema, the film plays with the flow of cinematic time to audacious effect.

This wildly inventive and disarmingly hilarious Czech film predates the use of reverse-chronology narratives in more celebrated fiction, theatre and international cinema. Upending the usual narrative flow, Happy End is a darkly surreal Dadaist delight.

Release Date: March 2024

Jerzy Skolimowski:
Walkover / Barrier / Dialogue 20 40 60
+ short films

Poland/Czechoslovakia, 1960-68

Blu-ray 3-disc Limited Edition Box Set

“Skolimowski has produced a body of work located on the margins between the surreal and the absurd... His is a cinema of irony ambiguously played out [...] located between reality and fantasy where the real shades into metaphor” Senses of Cinema

Second Run presents essential early works by Polish director and iconoclast Jerzy Skolimowski, one of international cinema’s most prolific and celebrated artists.

This limited edition 3-disc Blu-ray box set contains a selection of 1960s feature films - Walkover (1965) / Barrier (1966) / Dialogue 20 40 60 (1968) - presented from stunning new 2K restorations, plus early short films, newly remastered in HD, and released for the first time ever on Blu-ray.

Release Date: December 2023

New Releases

The Village Detective: A Song Cycle
A film by Bill Morrison
USA, 2021

Blu-ray Special Edition

“Bill Morrison, the poet laureate of lost films, turns the story of footage found near Iceland into a history of a slice of Soviet cinema.” Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

From Bill Morrison, the director of Dawson City: Frozen
, comes another fascinating cinematic odyssey.

Weaving together decayed footage from a Soviet-era film starring the well-known Russian actor Mikhail Zharov with clips from Zharov’s lengthy filmography, and an entrancing score by David Lang, Morrison creates a unique and mesmerising document, reflecting how life, history, and art intersect and endure forever on film.

Release Date: February 2024

Selected works by Ben Rivers

UK, 2003 - 2022

Blu-ray 2-disc Special Edition

“Ben Rivers’ movies make an immediate impression – they evoke mystery...
[They] have the long-term power to shape the viewer’s worldview and to take them on previously unknown journeys”

Karlovy Vary Film Festival

British artist and filmmaker Ben Rivers is internationally renowned for creating a body of bold experimental works that lie between documentary and fiction.

Second Run are proud to present the first comprehensive Blu-ray collection of Ben Rivers' unique, award-winning and critically acclaimed films. This 2-disc Blu-ray Special Edition contains 24 extraordinary films specifically chosen by the artist, plus a booklet with a new essay by author and scholar Erika Balsom and writing on each of the films by Ben Rivers.

Release Date: November 2023

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