New Releases

Beauty and the Beast
(Panna a netvor)
A film by Juraj Herz
Czechoslovakia, 1978

Blu-ray Special Edition

“Herz’s richly crafted retelling […] is definitely no children’s movie - but it is, with its arresting lyricism and striking style, an eminently worthy rival to the classic 1946 version by Jean Cocteau. Nick Pinkerton, Metrograph

From Juraj Herz, director of The Cremator and Morgiana, comes an altogether darker interpretation than we're used to. Light years from Disney, Herz's film transforms the familiar tale into something entirely more twisted and terrifying in this macabre re-imagining.

Aided by wonderful set and costume design, superb cinematography and evocative score, this is a fairy-tale-turned-horror story from Czechoslovak cinema’s most wryly subversive artist

Presented from a new HD transfer from original materials, our region-free Blu-ray also features a new Projection Booth comentary, a short film on writer František Hrubín and a booklet with new writing on the film by Jonathan Owen.

Release Date: July 2021

A film by Márta Mészáros
Hungary, 1975

Blu-ray Special Edition

“[Mészáros] belongs with figures such as Agnès Varda, among European cinema’s important female pioneers. [...]
Adoption is a bold work, that - psychologically complex, politically trenchant, and attuned to rebellion - still holds up today. Carmen Gray

Márta Mészáros is one of cinema's most significant female directors. Her outspoken works deal frankly with issues of gender, politics and society.

Adoption is a story of rebellion and of two strong women. Kata longs to have a child of her own, but rejected by her married lover, Kata looks into adoption. She befriends troubled teen Anna, also determined to start a new life for herself, and the two women soon form a strong and unexpected kinship.

Presented from a new 4K restoration, our region-free Blu-ray also features a new and exclusive filmed introduction by director Mészáros, an archival interview with Mészáros and
a booklet with new writing on the film by Carmen Gray.

Release Date: July 2021

New Releases

Before Tonight is Over
(Kým sa skončí táto noc)
A film by Peter Solan
Czechoslovakia, 1965

Blu-ray Special Edition

“It’s a joyous discovery and essential catch-up viewing for anyone already bitten by the Czechoslovakian New Wave bug.”
Cerise Howard, Senses of Cinema

One winter’s night in a Slovak mountain resort, customers gather in a nightclub seeking laughter, flirtation and fun. As the alcohol flows the evening unfolds in unpredictable ways, offering a sharp critique of life under communism, as the characters gradually reveal their desires, unfulfilled dreams, insecurities and disappointments.

Presented from a new 2K restoration, our region-free Blu-ray edition also features a new and exclusive documentary on director Peter Solan, the film and its legacy; two short films reflecting the setting and milieu of the film: Operation BL (Akcia BL, 1959) and High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry, 1966), and a 20-page booklet with new writing on the film by author Peter Hames.

Release Date: June 2021

The Silence Before Bach / Mudanza
Two films by Pere Portabella
Spain, 2007 / 2008

Blu-ray Special Edition

“Artist, activist, politician and above all a brilliantly intuitive experimental filmmaker, Pere Portabella is an iconic figure in Spanish cinema.”
Mar Diestro-Dópido, Sight & Sound

In these two works by the radical Catalan filmmaker Pere Portabella, music, art and architecture provide the starting point for a beguiling, and often playful, exploration of European history.

The Silence Before Bach comprises a series of filmed vignettes, united by the music of J S Bach, investigating the profound, complex relationship between image and music.

Mudanza quietly records the removal of furniture and objects from the home of murdered poet Federico García Lorca allowing visitors (and viewers) to move freely amongst its empty spaces, and to contemplate what is lost.

Release Date: May 2021

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